Tuesday, August 17, 2010

.... My Vacation??

1. Sail to the South Coast to Treasure Island in Shark Bay. This is the first step to the secret Coral Cave.

2. As you head northwards to Coral Cave be sure to look out for the tumbling rocks from Black rock Mountain.

3. After a rocky start to the end of your life, head north west on Treasure Island with no fright. Take a plunge in the deadly Forest Of DOOM!! With trees that never, ever BLOOM!

4. "Err!" Then run northeast to Blood lake! and take a step on to the cracked lashed planks!!

5. Then navigate yourself eastwards to the Toxic, Poisonous Trenchers. And look for a golden key that might be covered in TEA!!

6. As you then POP out of the Toxic Trenchers than you might find yourself in a vampires coffin. Stab him straight in the heart or LOOK OUT FOR YOUR NECK!!

7. Then head southwards down to the 3 deadly doors. Pick one and see if you have found the treasure!!

8. If you had picked the red one then you have done it!!! You have found the treasure but the only thing left to do is find your way back to your boat!!!!

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