Thursday, March 25, 2010

Campers Reflect 2

As soon as I had hopped into the car, I was already excited to go to rock climbing. Once we got there I started pushing my friends out of the car. " SPLASH" once Kaiden had got down the rest did. I jumped out of the car amazed by the structure. I looked back saying sorry . Rock climbing for me was the best subject out of all.

" Daisy, Daisy" I shouted, "Come to this one" . I buckled up my belt and gave Daisy the clip. As soon as I got ready , Daisy was saying something but I didn't listen . " Left, right , left" I said to myself. Pushing myself up further , I had made it. I made it. I anxiously awaited for Daisy to lower me down. Heaps of people had looked like little ants walking around, finding a place to climb. "KNOCK!" I had accidentally hit Daisy, Blaming her for her bad lowering. " Woo" I said relieved.

At the end of rock climbing the True Flavours where teasing me saying that I was a spider amazed by how fast I was. Saying Thank you! we all started to walk away .


From a good days work it was time to go to sleep, As I got changed into my PJ's I noticed that everyone was already a sleep in there tents. I quickly ran back to my tent, tripping over the tent ropes. " OUCH!" I had hit my face leaving a big scratch. Once I had got into my tent I snuggled up into my blanket saying" Good Night! "

As camp finished I think that even though some things had happened for the last few days It had still worked out at the end of the day!!

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  1. Camp was so much fun, hard to believe that was a whole week ago now. I'm feeling a bit sorry for Daisy; I had to belay from the bottom like her. It was hard work and several bodies landed on top of me too!