Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Campers Reflecting!

“Yaaaa!” I heard all of my other friends yell, the True Flavours were ready to do skating.

Everyone but ME! I have always hated roller skating all because of my fears. But now it IS time to face it. As soon as I put on my roller skates I just knew that I was going to fall. “ Errrrrrr” I whispered to myself, with my hands shivering. Suddenly I was on the skating rink. I started to go faster and faster hoping that I was going to stop but know that wasn’t happening. “Could I stay like this forever?”….

Then I stopped. I was really glad that, that happened but then, BANG! Someone had knocked into me I looked around to see who it was. Then I got up nervously thinking that I would be hurt. Slowly but gently I pulled myself up as hard as I could. As I was slowly skating I knew that every one had been skating fast. “ No I can’t do it, I really don’t want to fall over again, in front of everyone” I said to myself.

And then I got, I had actually got it. I was going in a BIG Circle ready to have a race with someone. But it was too late , we were already playing limbo. I went to line up and noticed that it was really low. I had thought to myself that I couldn’t make it. Then it was all ready my turn I was looking from side to side, not knowing what to do. “ Hurry up Ala” I heard all of my team say. As the wheels started to roll I had rolled with it. As I came up to the bamboo stick I had bent down to my toes knowing that I wouldn’t make it. “ OUCH!” I said out a loud. I had hurt my knee once again making a big black mark on my knee. “ Oh No!”

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  1. Hi campers Vivienne and Terina here,
    At camp kidness the best thing for us was orienteering and kyaking. At orienteering we got lost a lot of times and even got confused. We went to Miss Walters and she told us what to do. At kyaking we were a little bit of scared but then we got use to it.