Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Presentation

Kia ora, Talofa Lava and Malo e lelei. Recently I have been reading an adventures and tragic book called CRASH! written by William Taylor a New Zealand author. Many, many of his books a very, very interesting but I think this story is just right. Crash has four main characters in this story, Poddy, Jack the brother , George the Dad and Sue the Mother.

This story is about Poddy a 4 year old boy that has Down Syndrome and saved the lives of 2 people. When he, Jack and George had set of to the football game their Mother had reminded them to not go up the hill because the farmer had been letting the herd of cows go and have a little roam, but they did. Then suddenly they had CRASH! Badly they had tumbled down the hill and crash landed in the meadow bank. Jack and George had serious injuries but Poddy didn't.

Once Poddy had known that he had been in a car crash he decided to go and get help.

Making himself up the road he looks back and says" I go get help, I go get help!" very loudly knowing that his Dad and Brother would not answer. After a long time roaming in the darkness he finally gets help from two lady's called Marion and Liz. They quickly wrap him around a blanket and gets in the car to see if there was a telephone near by because their cellphone had no service. Suddenly they had spotted one. They had rang the ambulance and the police station. Once they had all arrived his teacher who teaches him scouts tells Sue the big news. They quickly drive over and saw Poddy just standing there being guarding by Marion and Liz.

If you would like to now the rest of the story you can go to our K.P.E blog and look it up.
I think i would recommend this book to 10 to 13 year olds because it can tell them that because you can't do things that are hard for you to never give up or that maybe, just maybe you can prove yourself that you can do mostly anything.

No reira, tena katou, tena katou, tena katou ka toa.

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