Saturday, May 1, 2010

Never Let You Go!

"Never let You Go" is a song that is sang by Justin Bieber. Out of all the other songs
in the world this is my favourite one. "Never let You Go" is a type of song to
sing, dance and mostly to listen to by you! Justin Bieber is also my favourite
singer. He has so many songs that he has sang that you thing
that is more better then this one for e.g Baby.

"Never let You Go" has a chorus that sounds just like "Forever" sang by a different artist called Chris Brown. After the abuse that he had done to Rihanna I think that he isn't important anymore. Anyways my favourite thing about this song is the melody in it.

It is so great that it has even got my friend under the spell.
Well anyways "Never let You Go" is my favourite song.
What about you! Let me now by commenting
on this post.


  1. Hello Ala. I like how you have explained why you like this song so much. Many people are enjoying Justin Bieber at present. There is a lot of music being produced in NZ that you would like too? Do have any Kiwi musicians you enjoy listening to? I wonder who will be the next artist to impress the world?
    Mrs Tele'a

  2. Hi Ala thats my favourite song too and some other people like Justin Bieber like me. Many people around the world like Justin Biebers songs and the way he looks like. Have a great time getting some more comments. From Dante

  3. WOW Ala I like Justin Bieber to because he is a good singer and is my first favourite. I hope you like making some more videos on your blog. From Dante