Saturday, May 1, 2010

To My Friends!

My friends Selena, Seini-Mino, Mubasshira, Angela and Toreka are the best friends that I have ever had. From bad times to good times we had made it through. From when we were all little to now we have known that our friendship will still be here, at Pt England. From the fights that we have had and the hating that we think of each other we will always know that deep down in our hearts we will always be friends. From the tragic things that has been happening in the pacific, to our families we now that our friendship will protect and cure it. To me I think that our friendship is so strong that nothing will tear us a part ( only when we go to different intermediates ) But all of us now that our friendship doesn't go first, God does!

We will try and do anything to keep it going but we now that sometimes it is impossible. "We have to move on " my Mum says but I will always disagree. Even though that we have tried our hardest I think that it was that time when we have to move on.

Down deep inside of me I just now that this will be the last year that we spend together from everything that I had said up above. The tears will slowly come down our faces as we take the last hug, and the last time that we spend together! Then slowly we walk away from each other remembering those joyful times, that will never escape from our heads. Then the final wave will appear and the tear!

Taking a deep breath we will now that our friendship will still be in our hearts! Remembering Selena, Seini-Mino, Mubasshira, Angela and Toreka.


  1. Hi Ala,

    I really enjoyed reading your post. If you go away next year, I am really going to miss you. I am so sorry for the things I have done, which are sad. I am surely going to cry at the end of the year because I have had such lovely friends and I don't want to loose them. You are one of them. I wish we see each other further on in life. Well thats it for today. Please have a look on my blog. Here is a link to it.
    Thank You.

    Your Sincerely,

  2. Hi Mubasshira,

    I really liked the comment that you have left on my post. I think this one is the best one so far! Anyways I really do hope that we see each another further in life. I think that I might cry my heart out as well but I really don't want to leave you guys to go to Auzzie. Well once again Thank you for leaving me a comment, I hope that this year will go slowly so we can all spend our last time together.I also think that this is my best post so far to you, Selena, Angela, Seini-Mino and Toreka. I really hope that the hating inside of us will go away so this year can be the best year that we have ever had. I also think that this year would be the most experienced one for Primary. Well if you would like to read any other comments please do.

    Well by for now,
    Love from Ala