Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our Hokey Pokey Invention

Have you ever wondered what hokey pokey and lava have in common Well I do. On the 25th of May we made hokey pokey because Mr Hunia wanted to show us how lava reacts, after it has come out of the volcano.
The Making Of It....

Hmmmm!I could smell the sensational sweet sugar and golden syrup dissolving making a caramel colour . It was like, I was in another dimension in-in candy land! As the sugar and golden syrup bubbled away a froth of white baking soda had been put in making chemical reactions! When he had finished the hokey pokey it was like a viscous liquid.... which is just like lava.

As the frothy foamy Hokey pokey mixture was smothered on the tray, we waited anxiously for it to cool. Once it was hard and brittle it like tough caramel toffee ready to be eaten.

The Tasting Time...

As we ate it, a lump of BAKING SODA had filled my mouth making me run to the bin and spitting it out like I was spewing . I was wondering WHY that had happened, WHY!! I anxiously finished the rest hoping that there would NOT be another dump of baking soda ready to fly into my mouth... and there wasn't. I finally took my last gulp.

At the end of that fantastic day of learning and making I think that it had all worked out ALRIGHT! Nothing had turned out wrong ( only the hokey pokey ) and I think that, that is an end of a GREAT morning!! ( kind of )


  1. Hi Ala,
    What a lovely story you have written about making Hokey Pokey. The thing I like most about your story is that it is well written and it has lots of detail, it makes me think I was you! Keep it up Ala.
    From Seini-Mino

  2. Hi Seini-mino,
    Thank you very much for leaving me a comment. I loved it when the sensational smell appeared. I also liked cooking it with Mr Hunia. Once again thank you for leaving me a comment. If you would like to read more of my posts, please do.

    Your sincerely,