Monday, May 17, 2010

What had Ever Happened?

Many, many years ago the Pink and White Terraces, the eighth wanderer of our natural world had laid peacefully. Getting attention from everyone around the world.

The beautiful crystal hot bathing water shined in the Pink Terraces while the hot air would make your face go RED!!!! The white terraces had also had the crystallized hot bathing water ready for the plunge of tourists from around the world.

People from all around the world had came to see it for exactly 10 POUNDS!!!!! Amazing isn't it? Well as I said people from all around the world had came to see the Pink and White Terraces to bath, paint and be astonished by the beauty of it but what had ever happened to the Pink and White Terraces?

Well here is your answer!!!

It had all began back in 1886, the 10Th of June at 2.30 am. The three peeks, Tarawera, Whanga and Ruawahia where blasting triple columns of smoke and ash thousands of meters out into the SKY! Suddenly a blast of lava, volcanic lightning had created a beautiful scene of fireworks! But sadly had destroyed the Pink and White Terraces!!!

If you think that you have a different answer then leave me a comment !

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