Friday, August 28, 2009

Dream World

 Last year for my Christmas's holidays I went to Dream World and it was a blast.
Me and my family went on different kinds of awesome rides.My favourite thing to do is to go BUMPER car racing. Once I got to the Que of the line I had to wait for 10 minuets just to have a turn. Then out of no where I got pushed into the bumper tracks, so the I set off. Unexpectedly I got Bumped by my cousin, so blasted around the tracks and  hopefully tried to  bump into my cousin but I bumped into my sister.I looked around me and it was mostly my family trying to get me so I said to them, " Why me "  and they said nothing but just shrieked.I wanted to try and bump my sister but the car stopped and the announcer said, " Please exit your vehicle and leave please.So we did .I got out and started to run out the exit so they won't run me over.So I sprinted as fast as a cheetah and wondered where my family was."ooh" I said they were right behind me. So after a days of work I decided when I get back I'll have a big sleep.
Good night !! 

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  1. Hey Ala

    That was an awesome story you wrote for the school and your blog that is just amazing but anyway that is all the time we have got!

    From Sylvia and Jarna!!!