Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hamish Campbell Conference

Hamish Campbell is a geologist and a research scientist of earthquakes and much more, well actually he is a world WIDE! geologist. He works for a company called The GNS. GNS stands for Geological Nuclear Sciences.
Did you know that an earthquake happens so fast that we don't know when it will come.
In 1976 in Tangshan China near Beijing the earthquake lasted
for about 15 seconds and killed 242,000 people! 

Well this year in Fiordland we had a earthquake and it lasted 30 seconds and killed no one but had injured around  50,000 people. Did you know that it was the biggest earthquake in the world since 80 years and was 7.6 magnitude. Hamish Campbell told us about different things that we all ready knew like a seismometer,a seismometer is a instrument that records the intensity of an earthquake. 

Once they heard about the earthquake they decided to name it Dusky Sound. I have also learnt that the Australian plate went 30 degrees under the Pacific plate!!!
Oh did I also mention that another guest was
joining us... her name was Diana-Grace from the museum of Te Papa.

She had trouble to connect her camera with our camera because we had  called before her.
She is a really funny lady and has a great heart.

 Hamish Campbell also told us that Joan Wiffen had passed away in 2009. This lady, Joan Wiffen, was one of the first woman to find a dinosaur bone. She was a paleontologist and was also a famous scientist for searching dinosaur bones.

If you would like to learn and see more then have a try and click on any of these links:

I would love to thank google images and for letting me use their pictures and Hamish Campbell plus Diana-Grace for sharing with us their thoughts about the earthquake.

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  1. Hi Ala!
    That was a great post about the interview! I really enjoyed the conference as well as learning facts a bout the Fiordland earthquake. It's cool how we get to get to interview Hamish! I hope to see another post on your blog!