Monday, August 24, 2009

Go Tainui!!!

As I approach the starting line,shivers pop up. I joslt for position at the starting line."Bang" with a burst of speed I zoomed around the corner while feeling competitive.As I ran out of the gates my heart was pounding and the mud was squelching between my toes.

I looked at the back of me and Selena was right behind me.With a pounding heart I escaped the gates saying ," Ow " as little spiky balls were making marks on my feet.Once I passed Mrs Squires I saw Kiani and Sharen starting to disappearing out of my sight.Trying to catch up to them I started to fail more and more.

Then encouragingly I kept on looking behind me saying to Selena to hurry up. As I started to run faster the cold breeze was holding me back.I quickly passed Dasiy and started to hear a loud crowd cheering for Tainui! I jumped onto the playground saying in my head" Hmm at less I came something.

Crossing the finished line I felt proud of coming third or at least a place.This years cross country for me was pretty long but I am still proud of myself for coming 3rd.

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