Friday, August 7, 2009

My Little Sister


My name is Ala and I am going to tell  you about my little sister. Her name is Maraina (ma-rai-na) and she is 2 years old.In these photos
she looks like a cute and loving  (well sometimes) sister. I had been looking after her ever sense she was 1,but now she has changed to a 2!! year old. She has changed by giving people smacks,punches,spiting and also biting which is a PAIN! But she is still a little cutie and I love her.To all of those people that were reading this.... THANKS oh and please leave a comment!!   



  1. Hi Ala
    Thats nice of you to do a post about your sister Marina. It really tells me that you do love and care for her.I hope that your parent and family see this because if they see this then they will be really happy. I also have a sister as well but she's older!!! than me. She's cool,fun and smart I hope your sister Luisa is like that. Well thats all I have time for Bye!!!

  2. Hi Ala

    What a wonderful post about your little sister. I liked it how you said you love your little sister. I wished I had a little sister that is so cute and loving. Can you please tell me something you love to do with your sister? I will come back on your blog when you have replied back to me. Please comment on my blog, here this will lead you to my blog.

    Thank You

  3. Hi Ala that is nice of you to write about your little sister Miraina she looks cute to. It is good that you said that you love your little sister I wish I could write a blog about my little sister If I had one. Thank you Ala for visiting my blog . From Seini-Mino You can viit my blog when you are not busy.

  4. Hey Ala

    Your story was really interesting about your little baby sister Maraina oh and Ireally think you should fix one word in there I'm sure you will figure it out!

    From Sylvia and Jane!
    Keep up the great work!!!!

  5. Hi there Ala im so sorry that you lost your dogs but any way your sister looks very pretty infact she actually looks like my auntys neice

  6. Hey Ala

    yea I know some baby are like that.Maraina look very cutie.What a nice Name she I hope you look after and take care of caues she is a beautiful sister of your.

  7. Hi Ala!
    That was really nice of you to type a post on your little sister. She looks very pretty! It's nice how you've been looking after your sister for 2 years now. I hope Justus doesn't cause chaos at his school!