Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Sunken Ferry

Mothers and children, Fathers and cousins had sadly pasted away from a boat that was thirty years old.

Hi my name is Ala and I will sadly talk about the ferry in Tonga that had SUNK! At around 11.00pm in Nuku'alofa they got up ready to go,the children,mothers,fathers and aunties and uncles. They went on a THIRTY! year old boat and that name of the boat was called princess Ashika. Six people from my part of my family had sadly pasted away.When I had heard about it I was shock but I was even more shocked because one man was going to meet his love life and get married.

When I turned the televison on I was so terrifed that I couldn't bare looking at it at all.my father ringed every part of his family to see if my grandma had died but ....Be Continued.


  1. Wow that was the sadest story ever heard of.
    But that was a cool story that was cool. By asey Tumataiki

  2. Hi Ala
    That is really sad that some of your family died and I hope your grandma has not passed away. I heard about that boat to they said that the boat was from Fiji. Your story is really interesting I want to read more. Good Story Ala
    From Seini-Mino & Destiny

  3. WOW Ala that is really SAD I hope your family are having a good time instead of thinking about the sinking of the PRINCESS ASHIKA...